19 Nov 2017 16 Respondents
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By Katarina Gerhatova
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Placements financial support.

Placements financial support.

As a first year Adult Nursing student I had to take the student loan to be able to study and live. Paramedic students do not get any financial support such as travel money for placements etc.

I feel greatful to be able to study with student loan, but I think during the placements all the students should be paid for all travel expenses and also to get paid  minimum wage for the  placements. 

I will face one month of placement from Januray, where I will be spending 5 days a week in the  healthcare enviroment plus weekends as my extra job.

Spending so much time at the  placements and at work is truly hard, as you know 12 hrs shifts are very heavy and doing more than three shifts can be exhausting.

I would like to know your views on this case and what would you like to propose?

It is proposed that students should be getting financial support for placements.