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By Katarina Gerhatova
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Lady with the dog.

Lady with the dog.

There is a female patient with full capacity and no mental health problems ,who has extensive history of emergency department visits, calling ambulance for no reason and coming into department with her dog. This allows her not only skip the queqes as the dog has to be kept outside of the department for health and safety reasons ,but also she always gets all the attention and stuff that  she demands.

I would like to know your thoughts on this, as this case is  causing lot of frustration amongst  other members of staff and patients aswell. First of all ,does  she always has to be brought by ambulance, if there is no problem with her and how would you resolve this? 

Second of all , by keeping the dog outside and letting the dog  bark,it annoyes other patients. What would do do with the dog, if there is not space to keep the dog inside, also  would you get RSPCA involved in this problem? 

Do you think that lady with the dog should be waiting as everyone else in the waiting room  and be responsible for all the problems she causes?! 

Is it ok that patients coming with no health problems are  having everything for free such as food,drinks, clean gowns, pads etc. What would you to prevent this from happening? Would you charge them money or would you support them all the way? How would you resolve cases like this?

It is proposed that people should be responsible for their actions and their behaviour.

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