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E-Cigarettes - Licence to Vape ?

E-Cigarettes - Licence to Vape ?

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Currently E-cigarettes are not licenced to be prescribed on the NHS , despite growing evidence that e-cigarettes are a known, frequently used,  and well established quit smoking aid, in society.

There is little evidence currently of the long term risks and effects long - term of use of e-cigarettes.  However, it is recognised by NHS england that e-cigarettes are considered to be 95% safer than normal cigarettes , for those who currently smoke.

Smoking, is also considered to be a continual drain on the NHS, due to the well known disease prevelence and subsequent treatments associated with it.

What do you think?

Should e-cigarettes be licenced by NHS England,  to be available on prescription, as a quit smoking aid, for those who wish to give up ?

It is proposed that E-cigarettes should be licenced by NHS England as a quit smoking aid, allowing them to be prescribed by health professionals.