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By Vanessa Peutherer
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Crying In Front Of Patients- A Sense Of Shared Sorrow or a Weakness?

Crying In Front Of Patients- A Sense Of Shared Sorrow or a Weakness?

Working in a healthcare environment can be very stressful and at times upsetting. Not only are you constantly working under pressure, but you are also dealing with the emotion of the loved ones of your patients and this can become overwhelming very quickly. Competence is a part of the profession, but so is compassion and care and so what do you do when you need an emotional release? 

Is it unprofessional to cry with the patients or is it empathic and understanding to those in distress? Below are the opnions of two healthcare professionals:

Paul Gray-Chief Executive, NHS Scotland

'...A sense of shared sorrow might be comforting; loss of profesional composure helps nobody...'

Becky Platt-Matron for Children's Services

'...I've only ever cried with patients and their families when they have been crying too. It feels right when my feelings are mirroring theirs. It wouldn't be right if I was more distressed hen them, I would go to my colleagues for support...'

This isssue was originally poseted by a member of Coventry University - VX Community

It is proposed that Healthcare professionals are trained to be supportive as well as practicing individual needs, so to understand what the patients wants.