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Are nurses skilled enough to identify and support women subject to domestic violence?

Are nurses skilled enough to identify and support women subject to domestic violence?

Gender-based violence is a major public health issue which causes immense pain, injury and suffering, particularly to women and children. Health staff have a unique and crucial role in identifying and supporting all those affected by it” (NHS Scotland, 2009).


NHS Scotland (2009) and Bradbury-Jones and Clark (2016) argue that nurses need to 'use every interaction with patients to detect domestic violence and abuse'. However in a more recent study, Bradbury-Jones, Clark and Taylor (2017) report that, although nurses play a key role in responding to domestic abuse, their responses were often inappropriate or unhelpful. Including: trivialising or ignoring the abuse; ineffectively responding due to a lack of time, privacy or confidence; being frightened of offending women; or as a consequences of their own experience of being abused. 


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It is proposed that nurses are not skilled enough to identify and support women who have been abused by a partner

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